North Shore Basketball Academy aims to deliver an enjoyable and excellent learn to play experience with quality teaching.


NorthShore Basketball Academy provides children and young people the opportunity to learn and develop basketball skills. We keep fun a priority but aim to develop competitive elite players in a basketball centric environment. We take measures to develop players based on their age and skill relative to their peers. We consult parents and players on their basketball goals when joining the program, whether it’s to play with friends, make the school team or develop to become a future varsity player and beyond. We like to be flexible with your schedule and have many options for participation in the program.


Spring (March, April, and May)

Summer (June, July, and August)

Fall (September, October, and November)

Winter (December, January, and February)

Each season you can pick the package that best fits your player’s schedule and commitment level.   We support kids that play multiple sports and that are involved in other activities. Most players that consider basketball one of their primary sports will usually choose the Valedictorian / Honor Roll package during the normal basketball season.  Once you have determined the best package, you will pay 3 monthly installments on the first of each month.


Valedictorian - $500 / Month

Unlimited skills sessions (1 session offered each week)
2 practices per week
2+ tournaments per month
Training Centre – 1 Private Shooting Session per week
Extra HoopStars Gear & Accessories
Discounts to summer/winter/spring break camps, 3v3 leagues

Honor Roll - $425 / Month

Unlimited skills sessions (1 session offered each week)
2 practices per week
2+ tournaments per month
Training Centre – 2 Private Shooting Sessions per month

Student of the Game - $350 / Month

3 skills sessions (1 session offered each week)
2 practices per week
2 tournaments per month

Study Guide - $200 / Month

Unlimited skills sessions (1 session offered each week)
Training Centre – 1 Private Shooting Session per month


Open Gym – $10

Group Skills Session – $35

Group Hoop Deal – 10 sessions – $250

Additional Tournaments -$50

Shooting Gun & Dribble Simulator:
One on One Training 30 Min – $50

One on One Training 1 Hour – $90


Part Time - $250 / Month

2 skills sessions (1 session offered each week)
1 practice per week
1+ tournament per month


Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Commonly accepted BMI ranges are underweight: under 18.5 kg/cm2, normal weight: 18.5 to 25, overweight: 25 to 30, obese: over 30.

*Example: 165cm and 63kg – BMI is 23

Having more gym time for team drills, individual reps and access to technology based skills development.
Access to different coaches, both from the basketball world and strength, agility, nutrition and other disciplines.
Skill lessons, small group shooting and training to help push yourself with similar level competition.
Data tracking of shots made, combine stats and more to show player development.
Academic accolades, team building, extracurricular activity, team building and community service to build a more well rounded athlete.
Positive reinforcement, coaching to correct not condemn, and encouraging to push oneself to constantly be better.


Being part of the Committee is a really good way to learn about the sport and children.
Joining a team is very exciting but it can also be a little bit daunting: new players, new routine etc. To help give you the best start we’ve put together useful information about basketball competitions.
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